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    The «MONOPOLY.Fuel» service on the Monopoly.Online platform will allow you:

    • Save money from the first day of using the service.
    • Have access to over 80 fuel brands.
    • Reduce zero mileage due to the effective geography of the gas station.
    • Set limits and manage fuel costs online.
    • Refuel without fuel cards - only by VRC number.

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    As of the end of 2020, more than 2,500 cargo carriers - legal entities - have already tried the MONOPOLY.Fuel service.
    The «MONOPOLY.Fuel» service has a wide geography

    Convenient location of fuel stations minimizes overmileage.

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    Benefits of using the service.

    Petrol cards
    Drivers have a variety of cards that get damaged and lost.
    A subscription fee is charged for card service.
    To refuel engaged vehicles, you have to send cards to other cities and pay for their issue.
    The user account does not allow you to monitor current prices.
    No cargo/fuel offset.
    Too many transactions. You need to credit the petrol card of each fuel supplier where your vehicle is refueled.
    RESULT: high costs, the refueling process is difficult to control.
    No cards needed. The buyer at the fuel station is identified by vehicle registration certificate.
    No monthly fees.
    All transactions are carried out online. It is sufficient to present the original vehicle registration certificate at a fuel station.
    The user account displays the current price for a litre of fuel from each supplier, with the discount.
    You can use the money earned for carriage to pay for fuel.
    All fuel brands and gas stations in one window.
    There are no extra costs or fees, and no hidden charges.
    RESULT: reduced costs, refueling process transparency, accelerated turnover of funds.
    I want to connect
    Connecting to «MONOPOLY.Fuel» is easy
    a contract.
    Sign a cooperation agreement
    Enter the freight vehicle
    data in the user account.
    Enter vehicle data into your personal account. There may be several vehicles
    a comfortable limit.
    Set a limit that will be convenient for use
    Top up the balance.
    Top up the balance for the required amount in your personal account
    Start refuels.
    Start using

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    Reviews of our clients:

    Sergey Klipikov
    TechTrans LLC

    I wish to note that the service is very convenient: it allows one to track refuelling and get fuel discounts. Upon acquisition of our own vehicles, from the very first days I have got fuel exclusively with «MONOPOLY.Fuel» and I appreciate the result.

    Evgeny Krupin
    Avtotrans-Logistics LLC

    I appreciate the fact that the fuel service stations under this platform can be found all over Russia, and also the fact that their prices are relatively good. «MONOPOLY.Fuel» managers are always in touch and help with any issue. By the way, our refuelling costs have truly decreased - by 5%. In addition, the fuel is always of high quality. Isn't that what the car needs?

    Rodion Kotelnikov
    Sole proprietor Konstantin Kotelnikov

    I have been working with «MONOPOLY.Fuel» since the spring of 2019. I like the extensive number of fuel stations along our destinations, the convenient connection of new vehicles, payment from the bank account, as well as the 24/7 support by managers.

    Igor Borisov
    Zlatopol LLC

    In addition to a convenient user account, I can point out pleasant discounts on fuel. By general estimates, we save about 7-8 thousand rubles a month on refuelling. I appreciate the convenient user account and a well-developed network of fuel stations.

    Evgeny Gresov

    The service captured our interest not only by its discounts, but also by the opportunity to work on a set-off basis. I am grateful to the manager for his personal approach - he helped me to handle many problems.

    Insaf Kasimov
    Sole proprietor

    I am pleased with the absence of petrol cards, as well as the gained savings - 1.5 rubles per litre. This amounts to about 23 thousand rubles monthly for our company.

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